Pro Gear: Pressure Washing Equipment Used for Orlando Homes

May 4, 2022

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Homeowners rarely have access to the right pressure washing equipment for Orlando, FL, homes. In turn, DIY power washing often results in poor-quality results at best. At worse, your property might suffer etched surfaces, torn screens, and other costly damage!

Knowing a bit more about the power washing equipment used by the pros can help reduce this risk of damage. Also, you might realize the importance of hiring a professional for all the power washing you need to have done! Check out some details about various equipment used by pressure washing contractors in Orlando. It could be time to schedule exterior cleaning services in Orlando.

What Is Power Washing Versus Pressure Washing Equipment?

First note the difference between power and pressure washing equipment. Pressure washing refers to any cleaning with pressurized water. In fact, using a nozzle on your home’s garden hose is pressure washing!

On the other hand, power washing refers to using hot water when cleaning. Hot water offers excellent cleaning against oily stains and adhesives while also disinfecting surfaces. However, hot water can also damage various surface materials and waste energy when not needed.

Scrub brushes used for pressure washing equipment in Orlando.

What Do Professionals Use for Pressure Washing Equipment in Orlando?

One important consideration about professional pressure washing equipment is that it’s designed to take a beating! Two, professional equipment is usually larger and offers more options for nozzles and settings. In turn, a professional won’t need to wait for water to heat and can use thicker detergents when needed.

Professional pressure washing equipment is either electric, gas, or mounted. Additionally, some are small enough to be handheld. Mounted equipment refers to pieces attached to a trailer or installed directly in a contractor’s vehicle. This equipment offers easier handling, as a contractor doesn’t need to manually pull it around your property.

Also, mounted equipment usually allows for larger water tanks and heating systems. Consequently, a professional pressure washing contractor can quickly clean large exterior walls, floors, commercial equipment, and more.

On the other hand, smaller handheld units allow a contractor to clean narrow, confined spaces. Handheld units also use less water and create less splashing. In turn, a contractor might address commercial kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and other areas quickly and easily.

Expert Pressure Washing Equipment

Along with tanks and sprays, professionals use a variety of accessories when power washing. For instance, various nozzles attach to power washing wands. These offer different levels of pressure and control over the water spray.

To explain these various nozzles, first note that they’re typically color coded! This makes it easy to select the one needed for the job at hand. In particular, professionals use these nozzles for pressure washing projects:

  • Red nozzles create a 0-degree spray, for the highest pressure possible. While concentrated sprays break up tough dirt, they can also shred screens and outright shatter exterior glass!
  • Yellow tips create a 15-degree spray. This spray is slightly less powerful than zero degrees. Consequently, a contractor might use a yellow nozzle for washing stains off concrete floors, dissolving chewing gum, and so on.
  • Pressure washing contractors probably use green nozzles with a 25-degree spray more than any other. A 25-degree spray offers a light but firm pressure, perfect for cleaning concrete, brick, and other durable surfaces.
  • White tips supply a 40-degree spray, used for delicate surfaces and materials. Contractors might use white nozzles for stucco, aluminum siding, and roofing materials.
  • Black tips provide a 65-degree spray, perfect for glass, screens, and other delicate materials. Also, a contractor might use black tips for applying thick detergents that would clog other nozzles. Lastly, the 65-degree spray makes quick work of rinsing large surfaces such as building walls and driveways.

Pressure washing equipment for gutter cleaning.

How to Choose Pressure Washing Equipment for Your Project

Homeowners often make the mistake of assuming that high-pressure washing is best for exterior surfaces. However, too much pressure often means damaging concrete, brick, stone, and other materials. Also, hot water can etch or otherwise damage wood as well as paints and coatings.

In turn, a homeowner should avoid using high-pressure cleaning equipment for their property. If you must try power washing on your own, start with a low-pressure, wide-angle nozzle. Remember that you can increase pressure as needed! Additionally, use tepid water to start with and then heat water slowly if necessary.

Orlando Pressure Washing Experts is happy to help explain about pressure washing equipment for Orlando, FL, properties. We hope you found this information helpful! Since choosing and using this equipment is complicated, call our Orlando pressure washing contractors for your needed outdoor cleaning. We offer expert power washing at prices you can afford! To get your property started with a FREE quote, contact us today.

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