Pressure Washing Lanai Screens: Can & Should You Do it Yourself?

February 21, 2022

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Pressure washing makes your lanai screens look great! But, there are many things to consider when pressure washing your lanai screens, including whether or not you should do it yourself and how to prevent damage to your lanai screen mesh. Here are some expert tips to help you through this process for exterior house cleaning.

Can you pressure wash a lanai screen?

It’s possible to clean screens with a pressure washer, but you must be careful. One option is to wash one side of each screen panel at a time, using different nozzles (15 degrees, 25 degrees and 40 degrees) for each pass. To minimize damage, keep your distance from lanai panels and don’t put too much pressure on them. Another option is to remove screens from your lanai and wash them on a tarp or in a bathtub. For an added layer of protection, keep your deck wet before cleaning and move furniture away from walls. Once you’re done, spray screens with water and put them up while they’re still wet.

It’s important to use a cleaner that won’t cause damage. Some commercial washers are designed for use on lanai panels, but before using one, make sure you read and follow all instructions carefully. Once you get started, always keep your distance from lanai panels and avoid putting too much pressure on them.

lanai pressure washing

Things you will need

A sturdy ladder, a pressure washer and some solution. If you are considering doing your own lanai screens cleaning you’ll need to carefully consider what tools you have on hand and how much time you are willing to put into washing them. The work is most definitely doable but it can be time consuming depending on your setup so if time is limited for you we recommend hiring professionals for lanai screens washing as they will do a better job in less time than what you can manage yourself.

Depending on how dirty your lanai screens are, you may or may not need to get a chemical cleaner. If you are only washing off dust and dirt, soap and water will work just fine. However if there is food residue or other grimy things like bird droppings then you will want to pick up some lanai screen cleaning solution at your local store.

Is pressure washing lanais worth the trouble?

It’s obvious that pressure washing lanai screens could potentially damage your screen if you don’t know what you’re doing. So should you do it yourself or hire a professional? That depends on how badly you want a clean and safe lanai screen. For those who have an extremely high degree of patience, carefulness, and planning skills, it may be worth trying to tackle your screens on your own.

If you want a clean and safe lanai screen but don’t have patience, carefulness, or planning skills, hiring a professional would be much more worth your time. They’ll get it done faster, with less risk of damaging your screen in any way. Ultimately, pressure washing lanai screens is totally worth trying to do yourself if you’re experienced and have a high degree of patience. If not, hire a professional for peace of mind and an increased lifespan for your screens. There’s no shame in hiring help!

Removing mold and bugs from lanai screens

Although professional pressure washing companies offer lanai screen cleaning services, many homeowners decide to tackle these dirty and sometimes complicated jobs themselves. The following are a few tips for keeping your lanai screens fresh-smelling and mold-free without sacrificing your weekend to chemicals and harsh scrubbing.

Whether they cause your lanai screens to smell musty or attract pests, mold and bugs can be a serious problem for outdoor furniture. No one wants to sit on a lanai screen that reeks of mildew or looks like it has bird droppings. Thankfully, with some elbow grease and professional cleaning tools, most homeowners can handle removing mold from their lanai screens without much effort.

cleaning a lanai screen

Reasons to do it yourself

Pressure washing is a pretty simple process. Essentially, all you’re doing is using a very high-pressure stream of water to clean your lanai screens, patio furniture or anything else outside that’s made of wood or metal. A pressure washer works by emitting an extremely forceful jet of water, which – when directed at something like your lanai screens – can dislodge dirt and grime. There are also various attachments for pressure washers which increase their versatility and effectiveness for a variety of applications.

There are many reasons to pressure wash your lanai screens yourself. The main one is that it’s much less expensive than hiring a professional. The cost of paying someone else to do it for you will likely end up costing several hundred dollars. The average pressure washing cost is between $192 and $401. Whereas if you did it yourself, you can probably get everything cleaned for much less.

Reasons to hire someone

When you get into home maintenance, there are certain tasks and jobs best left to professional pressure washers. There is a vast difference between using power tools and you could seriously injure yourself or your property if you tried to do these things without proper training or safety equipment. Here’s why you should think twice before trying DIY pressure washing.

Deciding to do-it-yourself isn’t always a bad idea. Some home maintenance tasks are easy, fun and don’t require you to spend a ton of money on tools or training. For example, even if you’ve never painted before, you can tackle touch ups with ease as long as you have some primer and paint on hand. However pressure washing is not one of those tasks that falls into that category.

There are lots of reasons to hire a professional. First and foremost, you don’t have all of the equipment needed for pressure washing, so you’ll need to borrow or rent from someone who does. Next, working with high pressure water can be dangerous if not done correctly, so make sure you have experience before trying to do it yourself. It’s very easy to damage screens if you aren’t experienced with pressure washers. If you want your lanai looking like new without risking your safety or damaging your property consider hiring a professional instead like our team at Orlando Pressure Washing Experts.

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